Breaking news: The Clinton papers are starting to be released and will dramatize one major point that has been widely known, but not widely understood, for many years.

It was the Republicans during the Clinton years who proposed many of the major provisions of what is now ObamaCare, including the individual mandate, and it was Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonPelosi on power in DC: 'You have to seize it' Cuba readies for life without Castro Chelsea Clinton: Pics of Trump getting vaccinated would help him 'claim credit' MORE who opposed the healthcare mandate in 1993 when the GOP pushed it.


In recent days Clinton has been calling for the healthcare law to be improved, which is the most popular position with voters, rather than repealed, which is the GOP position that is unpopular with voters.

Clinton is positioning herself perfectly. If the politics of the law get better for Democrats, she can play it cool. If the politics of the law become worse for Democrats, she can escalate her calls for change and tell voters — accurately and honestly — that she was against the mandate then and that she was right and Republicans wrong.

As a supporter of single-payer healthcare and the public option, I would argue that ObamaCare was the most important Republican healthcare reform enacted in generations.

The core principles of ObamaCare were originated and drafted by Republicans and conservative think tanks during the 1990s. This includes the mandate, which Clinton opposed when it was first proposed by Republicans, which gives her a great card to play in 2016.