The SEC has now charged Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives. Newt Gingrich should donate ALL of his Freddie Mac profits to homeless vets, not spend it on his Tiffany's account. Ron Paul was absolutely right when he attacked Gingrich for serial hypocrisy. Newt should either give up the money or give up the campaign.

Let’s be fair. The SEC has not yet proven anything in this new, supercharged case. But is there one person who does not believe Newt Gingrich lied when he claimed he was hired by Freddie Mac as a historian? If Gingrich believes others should go to jail over Freddie and Fannie, is there one person who believes he should keep the money, even after Freddie Mac executives were charged by the SEC?

Newt Gingrich should not keep one penny of his Freddie Mac profits. If he does, he should drop out of the race. The Obama machine will carve him up like a Thanksgiving turkey over his ill-gotten Freddie Mac money.

Ron Paul called Newt Gingrich's bluff on Freddie Mac, and nailed him. Michele Bachmann then called his bluff, and she nailed him too. I am sure Mitt Romney will send his hired help to nail Newt about this, while he takes a poll to decide whether he should say it himself.

Newt should give up the dough, or give up the campaign.