At some country-club golf course recently, Speaker BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerRift widens between business groups and House GOP Juan Williams: Pelosi shows her power Debt ceiling games endanger US fiscal credibility — again MORE, Haley Barbour and the Bain Capital and banking wings of the GOP probably devised the plan that is now under way: Ron Paul, get on the program behind Mitt and stop talking down wars. Sarah Palin, stop referring to the GOP establishment as Stalinesque. Tea Party members: shut up and get behind the former liberal governor of Massachusetts. Conservative movement, cool it. So what if our nominee was the godfather of ObamaCare?

The French say, apres moi, le deluge. The white-shoe, country-club, establishment Republican leaders will be pressuring in unison after Florida, saying to the right, the Tea Party, Ron Paul and Sarah Palin: be good little boys and girls because we own this party, not you. The post-Florida deluge of pressure is coming, with the appropriate suspects in the media class chanting with the GOP establishment, for about the third time in this campaign: it is over, children, the Romney takeover of the conservative conscience and the Republican Party is done.

Mission accomplished.

Don't believe it.

To the Ron Paul people: they don't get you, because you actually believe in something.

To the Tea Party people: they just humor you, but regard you as nothing more than peasant soldiers for the big money in their house of lords. When they tell you they hate Obama as much as you do, they think they can fool you, condescend to you and ultimately pressure and force you to submit to the Romney takeover. Though Romney, in truth, is the antithesis of everything you believe the GOP should stand for.

To the conservative movement: they get you, in fact. They know you hunger for power, and you will accept actions from Republicans you would loathe and despise and even hate from liberal Democrats because in the end, you want your seat at the table of power.

The Ron Paul people, the Tea Party and the conservative movement are to Mitt Romney and the country-club wing of the Republican establishment what laid-off workers were to Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. You are property, to be used when you can be helpful, to be humored and condescended to when you become nervous, to be discarded when you are no longer useful, and to be crushed by big money if you show integrity to conviction policies which they deplore behind your backs.

Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, the conservative movement: you are no more to the white-shoe, country-club, insider GOP establishment than Mitt Romney's dog. You can ride on the top of Mitt's car, or on the back of Mitt's bus, but the GOP belongs to him, and people like him, and not you, or people like you. Always has. Always will.

After Florida some will say it is over, but it will not be over. Very few delegates will have been selected. A majority of national Republican voters does not play golf in the country club of the white-shoe Republican establishment that will soon be telling the majority of Republicans to shut up and be good little boys and girls.

JFK often said: if you have a man's job, find a woman.

Why do I suspect we may soon be hearing the distant drum of a very smart lady who knows exactly what is happening, who can do the math that I suggest here, who may soon emerge with fists flying from a town called Wasilla?