Ron Paul's donors should consider asking for a refund and making donations to Mitt Romney. Paul now has an extreme truth-in-advertising problem. Money donated to Paul is not promoting the cause Paul allegedly supports. It is promoting the Romney campaign. Ron Paul should stop the holier-than-thou libertarian shtick and tell the truth to his supporters about why he is doing everything he can to make Romney the nominee. I am calling out Ron Paul. His campaign looks increasingly phony.

Fact: When Rick Perry was the greatest threat to Romney, Paul launched personal attacks against Perry, which only helped Romney. Fact: When Newt Gingrich was the great threat to Romney, Paul launched personal attacks against Gingrich, which only helped Romney. Fact: Now that Rick Santorum is the great threat to Romney, Paul launches personal attacks against Santorum, which only helps Romney. Fact: Romney is the one other candidate Paul has spoken highly of, including, shamefully, endorsing Romney's vulture layoffs, which even Perry had the integrity to criticize.

I never thought I would say this, but Perry looks like a far more authentic conservative while Paul looks increasingly like a phony libertarian. No legitimate libertarian would act like a shill for the Romney campaign. Even Ayn Rand must be turning in her grave at the serial hypocrisy of Paul's help for Romney!

I have written before, especially in view of the racism that has found its way into Paul's newsletters, that Paul is very weak on personal responsibility. He talks a good game about others but does not practice it himself.

When Romney sounds like he is looking for wars to fight, why does Paul, who claims he is against these wars, refuse to attack Romney?

When Romney lobbied for and accepted major earmarks as governor, campaigned for huge federal grants for the Olympics and instituted healthcare policies that Paul claims to vehemently oppose, why did Paul, who is so holy and uncompromising in his attacks against other candidates, refuse to attack Romney?

When donors give their money to Paul, do they intend that the money will be used to help Romney and attack Romney's opponents? If so, get a refund from Paul, and give the money directly to Romney! If not, get a refund from Paul, and buy the kids a present.

Why is it that Paul just happens to attack whichever candidate is the leading opponent to Romney, and changes his attacks based on whoever is the leading Romney opponent at a given time?

Why is it that Paul gives righteous speeches against banking bailouts but joins bankers pouring money into Romney's campaign in launching massive personal attacks against Romney's opponents as though Paul is part of the Romney campaign, an agent of the Romney campaign, and a stooge of the Romney campaign?

At least the bankers who support Romney, who is hardly a libertarian, do it openly. Paul, who claims to be a libertarian, asks his supporters for money, and uses their money to attack Romney's opponents, which only helps Romney, who makes a mockery of libertarian ideals.

Romney is the ultimate weather vane, the least principled candidate who has run in decades, constantly changing his views. So why is Paul, who claims to be a candidate of principle, doing Romney's dirty work of attacking his opponents?

It is time to call out Paul. I have tried to be fair to him, but I am fed up with his righteous rhetoric while both his policies and his actions often have the exact opposite effect of what he says he believes.

Paul is Romney's secret weapon, his attack poodle who goes after one Romney opponent after another, doing Romney's bidding, advancing Romney's interest and helping Romney's cause.

Donors to Paul might as well be donating to Romney's banker-financed, dirt-dishing super-PACs because the money they give to Paul ends up attacking Romney's opponents and advancing Romney's campaign.

Libertarian? Personal responsibility? Romney?

If Paul supporters want to elect Romney, it is their money. But Romney and Paul know what P.T. Barnum taught: Never give a sucker an even break.