Ron Paul is now desperately asking for donations to keep his campaign alive, but unless he runs in November as a third party, his campaign has no more reason to continue. Why waste money to help Ron Paul continue to help Mitt Romney, which is what he has done in recent weeks, and all he would do with his current strategy? Paul has largely disappeared from the high-visibility scene after he began dancing with Mitt, so it is not surprising that his donations have slowed enough that his campaign is now in danger of closing down.


Ron Paul could have been a much more important player in 2012. He got off to a great start then, for whatever reason, began his tap dance with Romney.

I hope that Paul runs as a third party or as an Independent, but I don't think there is any chance he will. Unless he runs in November, people can give money to Ron Paul, but they might as well donate to Mitt Romney in Paul's name and make it official.

Either Ron Paul announces a third-party bid or it appears Ron Paul will soon be closing down the show, and saying farewell.