As America reflects on the terror attacks of September 2001, Mitt Romney has what I call an Osama bin Laden problem. Romney said he would not have ordered the attack in Pakistan that led to the death of bin Laden. Romney said it was wrong to spend so much money to kill one man. Romney went on an easy ceremonial trip to the London Olympics and insulted our closest ally. Romney neglected to praise American troops or mention the war in Afghanistan in his speech accepting the Republican nomination. Romney, who lacks any national security experience, named as his vice presidential nominee a man who is as unqualified to command as he is.

Honestly, I cannot tell you whether Mitt Romney's position today is that he would have ordered the attack that killed bin Laden, or not.  Romney changes his opinions so often, so casually, and so based on political calculation that it is impossible to know what Mitt Romney believes about anything.


On matters involving the security of our nation and the safety of our troops Mitt Romney is a wiggler and waffler who talks like a warmonger and acts like a wimp. Romney lacks the convictions, clarity and courage to make hard decisions that only the commander in chief can make.

It is amusing that Mitt Romney vacillates again and now supports several key provisions of the Obama healthcare law. But it would be deadly dangerous for a wartime president to command our troops with such shallow opportunism and unprincipled political calculation.

President Obama has been a strong leader who has protected our security. It is interesting that Obama and Democrats are now the "daddy party" that protects our security, while Republicans are accused of a war on women!

Sen. John KerryJohn Forbes KerrySeinfeld's Jason Alexander compares Trump dance video to iconic Elaine dance This time, for Democrats, Catholics matter President's job approval is surest sign Trump will lose reelection MORE (D-Mass.) said it brilliantly: Ask Osama bin Laden whether he is better off than he was four years ago.

We know two things for sure. We know Osama bin Laden is dead because Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaTrump hits Biden as 'disrespectful' to Obama Is America ready to return to the Obama-Biden foreign policy? Trump's debate performance was too little, too late MORE is president, not Mitt Romney. And we know the Romney-Ryan ticket is the least qualified to command of any national ticket in our lifetime.