In the vice presidential debate Joe BidenJoe BidenCan Republicans handle the aftermath of Donald Trump? Biden seeks to supplant Trump in Georgia Trump's Mount Rushmore stunt will backfire MORE was the only candidate who was presidential and commanding while Paul Ryan was the only candidate who joined Republicans supporting deep cuts to State Department security while trying to exploit the death of Americans in Libya for political gain, as Biden correctly stated while Ryan sheepishly smiled. Joe Biden lifted the Democratic base out of their chairs and did the president and his party a major service. Have you noticed that here on this page, two Republicans both used the word "jerk"? Methinks they protest too much, from the same talking points of Karl Rove-style insults that persuade no voters.

Joe Biden genuinely was presidential and he sure did bring the Democratic base out of their seats and rally them to the fight. This is important. This gives a big lift to President Obama as he prepares for the second debate and gives a big lift to Democratic voters, workers and donors.


I still await the response from Mitt Romney, Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanBush, Romney won't support Trump reelection: NYT Twitter joins Democrats to boost mail-in voting — here's why Lobbying world MORE and Republicans about how they dare to attack the president and Hillary Clinton over Libya after trying hard to achieve major cuts in State Department security spending that would protect ambassadors and diplomatic personnel.

It is bad enough for the Republican nominee to be chastised by the mom of an American hero who was killed, because that Republican nominee tried to make partisan hay from the tragedy of her son.

During the debate, Paul Ryan had no answer to Joe Biden's charge that Republicans had tried to cut security spending for the State Department. I look forward to Mitt Romney's answer during the presidential debate next week.

Republican spinmeisters might do well to develop an answer to that correct criticism of their shameful conduct, rather than circulate talking points of insults that are reminiscent of the Karl Rove politics of the Bush years, which voters would rather keep in the past.