First, don't miss the video posted on The Hill of John KerryJohn KerryKerry calls out countries that need to 'step up' on climate change Those on the front lines of climate change should be empowered to be central to its solution To address China's coal emissions, the US could use a little help from its friends MORE exposing the dishonesty of Mitt Romney promising tax cuts for everyone during the debate, like a carnival barker, without telling the truth about the tax credits Romney would have to eliminate for his numbers to work. Then, hunt down the full podcast or YouTube clip of the Kerry segment on “Morning Joe” and watch Kerry offer major economic data about the American comeback under Obama and remind us how voters of Massachusetts, who know Romney best, trust Romney the least.

Kerry nailed it.

Romney on taxes is like a crooked salesman selling a defective used car. Romney makes it sound like everyone gets tax cuts with his plan, and nobody pays anything, at a time of huge deficits! Kerry nailed that perfectly on “Morning Joe.”


Considering the trillions of dollars that Romney admits he would give away with his tax cuts tilted toward the wealthiest, how can he pay for them to make back the revenue, and then cut the deficit? Here is now:

Romney would have to eliminate the home mortgage interest deduction, the charitable deduction, the education tax credit, childcare and just about every other current tax credit. Moms and dads be warned: Mitt Romney will have to go after your charitable donations, your kid's education and your home mortgages, among many other things.

Romney denies this, and says he has a secret plan for you to pay for his giveaway plan. Beware: Romney offers you the promise of a tax cut with one hand, while his other hand will be picking your pocket, which is why his plan remains secret.

Obama nailed Romney in the debate. Kerry nailed Romney on “Morning Joe.” Romney on taxes and deficits is like a flim-flam man, a con artist, a less-than-honest used-car dealer.

Romney suggests:

Buy my great used car, originally built by Republicans from Herbert Hoover to George W. Bush, and it may be a really expensive used car but I won't tell you how the engine works, how much mileage the car gets, whether the ignition works, or how much the car really costs!

Obama nailed Romney last night. Kerry nailed Romney this morning.

Kerry is totally right when he talks about how the economy is improving, and cites statistics that prove the American comeback is now under way. Kerry is equally right when he notes how voters in his home state, who know Romney the best, like Romney the least.

Obama won the evening.

Kerry won the morning.

Romney has much explaining to do.