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The Trashing of Sarah Palin by McCain Staff

The anonymous “sources” in the McCain campaign trashing Gov. Sarah Palin is the final disappointing and frustrating misstep of the Republican presidential campaign. To see reporters gleefully reporting this sickening sabotage was yet another reminder that far too often, and with disturbing frequency in this campaign, “breaking news” has been little more than a fig leaf for “breaking gossip.”

The term “diva” has been thrown around by the men in the McCain campaign to describe Gov. Palin — a word that is never used to describe men. I suppose if they liked the governor (which, it appears, would only have been possible if they felt they could have “controlled” her) they might refer to her as having “moxie” or various other descriptions reserved only for women.

Just the fact that these sleazy sources prefer to hide under a rock while they attempt to destroy the woman who breathed life into the campaign when their own efforts were failing — who became the most popular governor in the nation and one of the most effective reformers without the benefit of such geniuses as these anonymous sources “guiding” her and “coaching” her — is why the governor has a very bright future in the Republican Party. Gov. Palin draws record crowds, she brought the base home to John McCain, and she will undoubtedly raise millions of dollars for Republican candidates as our party works to rebuild.

Not only does Gov. Palin fare better without the so-called expert advice from the establishment staffers who landed in the McCain campaign as the maverick hero became the Republican nominee, but even John McCain himself seemed to do a whole lot better without the benefit of these mediocre standard GOP operatives — many of whom had experience, but weak or nonexistent records of results.

Gov. Palin initially took their advice and played by their rules as she was suddenly thrown into the spotlight. But when she soon discovered the advice was quite poor, she had no choice but to rely on her own instincts, which, let’s face it, had served her quite well in her career.

Sarah Palin wanted to talk to reporters along the campaign trail. She knew it was her strength, and she should have been encouraged to do so. At the first mention of a CBS Katie Couric taped and edited interview, she should have flatly refused. No competent political operative would have a candidate do anything other than a live or live-to-tape interview. Why would you want CBS or any other media outlet to have that level of control to alter reality? It’s such a basic Politics 101 rule that it boggles the mind why this was allowed, and leads one to conclude that other advice and preparation assistance offered to (forced on?) Gov. Palin were likely equally as poor.

My politically independent brother is a 17-year resident of Alaska, and over the past several years I’ve been hearing very impressive reviews of Palin from him. So, prior to John McCain choosing her as his running mate, I had knowledge and awareness of Palin as someone to pay attention to as an up-and-comer. When I saw the CNBC Maria Bartiromo interview with Gov. Palin, conducted prior to her being chosen as the first woman on a Republican presidential ticket and before even she knew she was in consideration, I was blown away at this extremely smart, effective, knowledgeable Republican governor, who was obviously a natural. I barely recognized the person being interviewed by Katie Couric. Perhaps Gov. Palin should have become that “diva” even sooner. Once she did, things improved dramatically for her and McCain.

Lest anyone be confused, the Republican Party and others will want to hear from Sarah Palin a LOT and play a role in seeing just how far this leader can go in the months and years ahead. We saw something in her that ensures she will be around for quite a while. And if we’re lucky, the back-stabbers in the McCain campaign, who managed to run a C-minus campaign for an A-plus GOP presidential ticket, will not.


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