Did Cruz double down? Not so much
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To say that emotions are running high at the Cleveland RNC is an understatement. Cleveland is filled with Delegates/Armchair Politicos and a press corp that is eager to light a fire within the conservative movement. At the center of the controversy is Trump, the consummate deal maker vs. Cruz the consummate litigator.

While Trump is trying to close the deal with the American People, Cruz is trying to make his case with Trump on what it's going to take to win in November.  


Cruz stated this morning before the Texas delegation that last night was not a speech, it was, he said, a roadmap for Trump to win 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Rhetoric from now until November of "Crooked Hillary" and reminding us of Hillary's felonious use of Classified information won't translate into a GOP victory.

Defending Freedom. Staying faithful to the constitution. Protecting and easing the burden on hardworking taxpayers. Cruz believes that this message that lifts all Americans will grow a movement that will ensure a Trump a victory. 

Is there an element of hard feelings from what Trump said of Cruz's wife while accusing his dad of JFK's assassination? If I was the focus of that attack, I would truthfully say that I don't know if I could get beyond that. That said, this is Ted CruzRafael (Ted) Edward CruzTed Cruz takes aim at Alabama vasectomy bill: 'Yikes' 'Medicare for All' will turn into health care for none Cruz 'impresses' his daughter with Chris Evans meeting MORE. Of all the politicians I have met in D.C. and Austin, Rick Perry and Ted Cruz are the kindest and most principled people I have ever met. 

Ted treats the Constitution with total fidelity, and I believe that Ted hopes constitutional fidelity will be a central theme for Mr Trump's winning message. We live in a post-constitutional America where the legislative branch of government is missing in action. Laws are created by the courts or through executive orders. As long as this illegal action continues liberty and the voice of "We The People" is lost.

This was clearly communicated by Cruz last night and again this morning but the press didn't report one word of it.  The press reported what wasn't said rather than what was said. We are still over three months from the general election. During that time, we should be holding Trump's feet to the fire to be the kind of President who will restore America once more as a Constitutional Republic. 

Ben Franklin was asked at the close of the Constitutional convention in 1787 if America was to be a monarchy of a republic. Franklin replied, "A republic, if you can keep it". 

This isn't about the 2020 election as the press is asserting.  Cruz knows that our American Republic is at the tipping point. To carelessly give a candidate for the highest office in the land a pass and to not demand obedience to our founding documents will lead to ruin.  

Was I hoping for an endorsement last night from Cruz? Yes, I was, but on further thought, I agree with Cruz. Let's unify on our founding principals of liberty and ask Mr Trump to be its standard bearer this November. If that is Mr Trump's message he and the American dream will be victorious.

Toth is a pastor and small businesses owner and former member of the Texas legislature. 

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