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Rudy Snags Top Evangelical

Politics makes strange bedfellows.

No truer words were ever spoken. And no stranger bedfellows did politics ever make than Rudy Giuliani and Pat Robertson.

Go figure. Rudy’s pro-choice, Robertson’s virulently pro-life. Rudy’s thrice-married and a serial philanderer, Robertson’s Mr. Straight Arrow. Rudy bunked with a gay couple and promised to officiate at their marriage, Robertson prayed that God would strike gays with lightning.

So why would Pat Robertson ever endorse Rudy Giuliani? Easy. Because, for Robertson, politics trumps principles. Robertson doesn’t believe in anything, except — he believes that Rudy can beat Hillary Clinton. And, for him, that’s all that counts.

Will Robertson’s endorsement make much difference? Probably not. It does give Rudy some bragging rights among evangelicals — proving that at least one member of the religious right is willing to vote for a skirt-chasing, gay-hugging defender of abortion.

But most religious conservatives will ignore Pat Robertson’s endorsement for the same reason the rest of us will: Because he’s nuts. Genuinely, certifiably, should-be-committed-to-an-institution crazy.

The only question is: Now that Pat Robertson’s endorsed Rudy Giuliani’s campaign for president, will Rudy Giuliani be required to endorse Pat Robertson’s “age-defying” pancakes?

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