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GOP ignored Trump’s sins; now chickens are coming home to roost

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A new video turns up of GOP nominee Donald Trump bragging about being a sexual predator, and Republicans are shocked, shocked to find out that misogyny is going on in here!

{mosads}Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has — mercy me — disinvited Trump from Fall Fest in Walworth County, Wisconsin. One sitting governor and several members of Congress who earlier said they would vote for Trump have now unendorsed him. Other Republicans, such as Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, have even gone so far as to condemn Trump’s remarks.

With consequences like these, it is no wonder Trump thinks that “when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.” He has gotten away with every corrupt, hateful, abusive and bigoted act he has committed, and still stands as the Republican Party’s candidate for president of the United States.

The list of Trump’s appalling statements and behaviors is so long that it would be impossible to catalogue in one article. But they are no secret to the men and women who continue to stand by their man.

He built his public image on lechery. In his numerous appearances on Howard Stern’s radio show, he not only embraced the objectification of women but pimped out his own daughter, whom he said he “kisses every chance he gets” and might be dating if he weren’t her father.

He built his career on self-dealing, fraud and tax avoidance. Apparently, he sees giving political contributions to attorneys general who are considering investigating him as a cost of doing business. His foundation is little more than a scam, designed to take credit for other people’s donations when it’s not being used as his own personal ATM. He has bankrupted small businesses by refusing to pay his bills and bilked students out of an education. And he thinks it makes him smart to pay no taxes.

Trump has built a campaign on racism and xenophobia, seizing on “birtherism” to build his GOP credentials, inciting fear and hatred of immigrants as a centerpiece of his program, and reaching out to the alt-right by retweeting white supremacist memes.

Trump may not believe in much, but his long history of prejudice and discrimination — keeping African-Americans out of the Trump Organization and out of his rental properties, ostentatiously demanding the death penalty for black teenagers accused of committing a brutal rape in Central Park, and then continuing to pronounce them guilty even after they were exonerated by DNA evidence — suggests he is a bigot to the core.

Let’s face it: Trump is an affront to human decency and a danger to the moral and social fabric of our nation. Until Republicans remove him from their ticket and repudiate the positions he has taken, they remain fully complicit in his offenses.

Ohlbaum is a former congressional staffer and the owner of DLO Global LLC, an independent consulting firm providing strategy for sustainable human security.

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