Duty-bound: Donor explains why Trump deserves support over Clinton
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This has been a particularly vicious election season, with Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonSanders to Clinton: 'This is not the kind of rhetoric that we need' Sekulow vows Bidens, Ukraine will be part of Trump impeachment defense Elizabeth Warren: More 'Hillary' than Hillary MORE slinging mud at Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump says his advice to impeachment defense team is 'just be honest' Trump expands tariffs on steel and aluminum imports CNN's Axelrod says impeachment didn't come up until 80 minutes into focus group MORE in an immoral attempt to distract the American public from her many failures.

Hillary says Mr. Trump is destroying our country and a racist anti-Semite. On the contrary, Mr. Trump is making our country stronger by continuing to stand for the values and ideals that we have always held sacrosanct.


Well, I can tell you as a Jewish Republican that this is simply not true. Those attacking Mr. Trump — like Hillary — just don’t have the same values as myself and Mr. Trump: values such as free speech, protecting our country from disruptive forces and allying strongly with Israel — the sole democracy in the Middle East. 

But Hillary clearly looks down on democracy; if elected, she would ensure we never have a fair election in this country again. Just like her husband, Hillary has a deplorable track record.

If Hillary were to become president, you could say goodbye to free speech. She harangues Mr. Trump for speaking his mind and for being genuine. But that is why we need him. We need someone to lead our country who is unafraid to speak his mind, calling out the faux leadership we’ve seen in the past eight years.

Hillary has shown that she stands against the Bill of Rights, a document representing everything our country stands for. Hillary says she’s for free speech, but this is a clear lie. She does everything in her power to quiet those who disagree with her.

She calls Mr. Trump a racist despite the fact that she supports the racist Black Lives Matter movement. She is a disciple of Marxist Saul Alinsky and anti-American George Soros, two men committed to destroying our country to turn it into a Communist Utopia.

Incapable of maintaining free speech, she somehow also fails in one of the few arenas in which free speech is not protected. Her wanton abuse of government protocol proves that she is not qualified for the security clearances that come with being secretary of state — let alone president.

Hillary has stood behind the United Nations — an entity known to be anti-United States and anti-Israel — as it has espoused dangerous rhetoric. She supported the Organization of the Islamic Conference’s resolution to weed out discrimination and hate speech against Muslims, yet has done nothing to combat the growing anti-Semitism in our country and the world.

Mr. Trump is the only person willing to call things what they are and to stand up to “politically correct” bullies like the U.N., who are slowly dismantling the United States and Israel.

Hillary refuses to show any political friendship to Israel, refusing to accept Israel’s right to control Jerusalem during her tenure in the State Department.

Mr. Trump is the first major candidate to offer real immigration reform. He is the only candidate who will protect Christians from the worldwide persecution they face and root out the anti-Semitism that has been choking the globe. Mr. Trump will restore credibility to U.S. foreign policy as a strong commander-in-chief.

Hillary can’t do this. She has already shown that she is beholding to political Islam entities.

Not only does she want to open our borders to everyone, but she wants our country to mirror the Islamist countries she so ardently supports. Hillary supported a deal that provided $150 billion to Iran — a material support of terrorism. This isn’t just immoral — it’s illegal.

Her support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya and Syria supports the war on women. Hillary says Mr. Trump disrespects women; her political allies abuse, torture, jail and oppress women.

Her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya resulted in the deaths of four Americans. Due to her refusal to reinforce protection or send in military forces to protect the U.S. ambassador to Libya and consulate employees, Hillary is directly responsible for these deaths. 

Does she believe in the Islamist regime of terror? She believes in her bank account. She has sold favors to our enemies in exchange for Clinton Foundation funding. In return, she allows them carte blanche to invade other countries and continue to fund terrorism worldwide.

And her vice presidential pick is no better, showing that when she succumbs to her health issues, he will maintain her status quo of criminality.

The future of Western Civilization is at grave risk if a non-believer like Hillary wins. It is our duty as, not just Jews and Republicans, but as Americans to ensure Mr. Trump is elected to keep our country and way of life safe.

Abramowitz is a general partner and co-founder at NGN Capital. He is a top GOP Jewish donor and Trump supporter who is involved with Friends of Likud, the Zionist Organization of America and Americans for a Safe Israel.


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