The GOP's future is bright — and it looks like tech titan Peter Thiel
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I'm head over heels in love with Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal. But, the bigger question is does Peter Thiel love me enough to save me or my political party?

Some say the GOP is dead, on its last leg, or is being hijacked by rogue idiots and narrow minded extremists. If any of these tragedies are true, then where do I go? Who can save me and my political future? Our brand, and my political identity, depend on others who can carry our party and our brand into the next century. Thiel could be a leader among them. Why, you may ask?

First of all, it is about tolerance within the Republican Party and the fact that we appear to have a reputation of being a country club with a very narrow pathway to membership. We have a very hard time attracting gays, minorities, and, thanks to the current nominee, women.


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We can stick with that strategy or we can change our platform socially and focus on the stellar economic policies we tout and make the Democrats argue with us on policy versus sexual and gender issues. But who can deliver this message? An old white guy, a young white guy, a couple of token minorities we have in the club?

No way. Not anymore.

If we are going to have a strategy then we not only need to clean house, we need to mop the floors, and sterilize the whole damn building. We need a strong, self-made, educated, attractive, modern day type of hipster. Someone who is not afraid to tout our economic policy and go soft on our socially out of date policies.

That's where Thiel comes in. He's all that and more. He's gay and proud of it. We need him much more than he needs us. At the Republican National Convention, I heard him speak and witnessed his professional delivery and stood up to clap when he stated he was gay at the finale.

He is our change. He is a living example of who we need to evolve to be. He is tolerance. He is someone to look up to. He is hope and he is gracious enough to associate his brand with ours.

The Democrats, or liberals rather, are winning and we are not. They win largely due to the fact they pin us in a corner on social issues. If we went soft on those issues we would prevail time and time again. Would it hurt us to be not so extreme on social issues? Can we take religion out of the political picture on both sides and stop forcing the churches to be political and leave them to be a place of worship? Let's let politics be, shall we say, political.                                  

Many of us are tired of not winning but we are sure as hell not going to become Democrats. We just need a reason to be proud to be Republicans.

The GOP needs a new role to play in the political rodeo. We need to be the cowboy on the horse and not the rodeo clown in the barrel being kicked around.

Our policies are winners in areas from education to taxes. We just need to have the message delivered by someone else. We need someone who is going to be strong and navigate us in the free world.

It's time for the GOP to come out of the closet and make its members feel a sense of pride. I will be one of the first to shout out loud..."I'm GOP and I'm proud!" 

Nikpour is a national Republican pundit and author of "Branding America." 

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