In Trump, Japan sees an ally to help us challenge rogue neighbors
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With the intensified conflict in the Middle East, the ongoing threat of terrorism, and the unfettered hegemony of China, today’s Asians live in “the era of crisis.”


We in Asia and others around the world would prefer the next president of the United States to be an extremely strong and effective leader that we can trust. We also hope and expect for an emergence of a strong leader in the U.S., who can respond to and with us during this era.

Much of the recent campaign rhetoric contains principles of “put America first” and while many in my country, Japan, are concerned these principles may bring “isolationism” — I do not think so. To become — or restore — a great nation, it is apparent that one needs to focus on rebuilding domestic politics first.

Trump’s words announce the first steps of the grand strategy uttered by anyone who wants to be a a great and effective manager of a nation.

Take my country as an example.

Currently we are surrounded by “rogue states” who not only have grand aspirations, but also possess the nuclear weapons to achieve their nefarious goals. In this position, we need an ally who we can trust and take at their word. We need an ally that, though we may not like everything he or she says, we can rest every night knowing that the president who makes promises will not waiver on them and always be there, offering us support if and when that need comes.

If asked, Japan has the ability to be a truly independent nation, able to fulfill our responsibilities as a U.S. ally. This will give us an opportunity to promote sound growth.

Of course, not only Japan but also other countries such as South Korea and the countries of NATO will be facilitated to be independent in a good meaning. It will accelerate the peace and prosperity in the world. In this respect, we desire the election of a President Trump.


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Asian Americans, for the sake of Asians everywhere, need to decide who will be that extremely strong leader.

Asian Americans need to look at both candidates’ platforms and see that only one has a record of standing by his promises and also highly prioritizes national defense — such an agenda spills over to our nations and allies.

What the people of Japan and all of Asia cannot afford is the so-called weak-kneed attitude with a slogan of “solidarity and cooperation.”

Further, a leader is required to be someone who values honest. The world and Asia are wishing that the leader of the United States will be a person who is honest and trustworthy. In this respect, as facts in the book “Clinton Cash” and revelations by WikiLeaks show, Clinton is not a person who is trustworthy. On the other hand, the flip side of Trump’s reputation as “a king of verbal abuse” is that of a straight-shooter.

In this regard, the choice of candidates should be clear. Only one has the background of accomplishments, integrity to say what he means, and fortitude to defend such an ability to do so.  

Only one candidate will project the security needed to keep Japan’s hostile neighbors in check and reform the U.S. economy, thusly causing Japan to feel the positive collateral impact.  

Aeba is Chairman of the Asia Pacific Conservative Union and Japanese Conservative Union, best-selling author, and a well-known political commentator in the Japanese media.

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