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The People’s roar

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The American people have risen up and roared: enough! Enough of getting taken for idiots by the elites, ripped off by the big banks, losing their jobs to globalist trade.

Welcome to the revolution.

{mosads}This election is not a victory for the Republican party. It is a victory for the people of the United States of America who have risen up to take back their country. 

They have risen in a wave of anger and disgust: your elitist system was rigged and wasn’t even working as you claimed. And you are corrupt. Enough is enough.

The Bushes voted against Trump. John Kasich voted against Trump. Many other big names in the Republican establishment voted against Trump. But the American people didn’t care.

The media smeared him. The people didn’t care.

Wall Street hated him and funneled tens of millions of dollars into Hillary’s campaign. The people didn’t care.

Hillary out fund-raised him. She outspent him. She filled the airwaves with dreck. The people didn’t care. 

She paid women to invent stories about phony alleged abuses by Donald Trump. The people yawned: from that woman?  (Hint: they were referring to Hillary).

Hillary focus-grouped more than 50 slogans for her campaign and came up with — what? “Forward together”? As in, forward into battle? With her? For what?

Forward to increase our debt, raise our health care costs, ship our jobs overseas, reward mullahs in Tehran who take our sailors hostage and humiliate them in public and continue to expand their nuclear capabilities?

Americans look at what our country has become over the past 16 years and say, enough. The median income of Americans is lower today than it was in 1999. That means that half of all American households are earning less money than they did 17 years ago.

Obama sold Americans on hope and change. But Americans didn’t like the hope and change he offered them after taking office. They thought he would make this country a better place. Instead, in every way, he made us poorer, less respected, and more divided.

He said he would stop wars. Instead, today there are more wars than ever before, with a refugee/migrant crisis that is threatening the integrity of our European allies.

They sought a healer in Obama, the first “post-racial” president: instead, he turned out to be the Divider-in-Chief, worse than any president in our history. 

Americans still want change. But they won’t be fooled again. They bought the snake oil once. They weren’t about to buy it again.

Hillary had nothing to offer America but a warmed over version of Obama’s failures. Her supporters couldn’t come up with a single accomplishment from her four years as Secretary of State. (How about Benghazi, Madam Secretary?)

Many openly said they were voting for her because she was a woman. You don’t need a graduate degree to comprehend how dumb that is. Beyonce or Katy Perry are better looking and drew bigger crowds.

We’ve seen revolutions before in other countries. Thankfully, in America, we can carry out a revolution in 2016 without a single shot being fired or a single patriot having to water the tree of liberty with their blood.

Americans voted to take their country back — from the elites, from the liars, from the cheats and scofflaws. They have had enough of the national media treating them as a bunch of yahoos with pitchforks.

They were fed up with PC police telling them that virtue was bad, and that bad behavior was the new normal.

They were fed up with paying taxes so government schools could brainwash their kids. They wanted an end to the party of Big Government — you know, that Party that has a Democrat chairwoman and a Republican deputy.

You want to translate the message from the American people on election night?

They said, let’s get on with it. Cut all this nonsense, drain the swamp, and let’s get back to work. Let’s make America great again.

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