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Trump’s victory exposing a bitter, hateful Left


Elections are hard fought, emotional, and grueling. I get that, as I worked for Pat Buchanan in 1999. But each election has a winner and a loser. Each election sees celebrations and condolences. The election of 2016 should be no different, but it is. 

The day after Republican Donald Trump won the presidency — pulling off an upset not seen since Dewey lost to Truman — self-described American progressives recoiled. With the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the glass ceiling they wanted to smash remained in tack and the woman they thought was entitled to – not necessarily deserving of – the White House was denied access.

{mosads}Not only was their history denied, but it was denied by a man that is diametrically opposed to their left-leaning utopian paradise. They did not just lose, they were defeated by the arch-enemy and rejected by a nation. It was a bitter political pill to swallow.

So how did these people – the same people who suffered an epileptic incident when Trump hinted he would not immediately accept the election results – respond? They took to the streets, chanted for Trump’s removal, and claimed he was #NotMyPresident.

The bitterness of the Left is off the charts. For an entire election cycle, progressives called Trump Hitler, his supporters deplorables, and targeted his business dealings. Protesters shut down a Trump rally in Chicago under the threat of violence and, thanks to video evidence released by James O’Keefe, had an orchestrated effort to deliberately disrupt said rallies. Plus, there was at least one assassination attempt made on Trump’s life.  

These are the same people who are now saying they are fearful of a Trump’s presidency. They are claiming Trump’s words are so hurtful that they cannot function with him sitting in the Oval Office. Put simply, these individuals, once the aggressors of the election, now have hurt feelings and want Americans to override the Constitution to make them feel happy. The media, of course, is feeding into their fantasies by claiming Trump needs to make amends and give assurances.

Why should Trump do so? These people have claimed they have not intentions of working with him and every intention of disrupting him. Moreover, Trump has proven they are not need to, for lack of a better phrase, “Make America Great Again.”

Frankly, the protestors are sore losers, most of whom should honor their Canadian pledge. If Trump had lost and the “deplorables” were protesting Hillary in the streets do we really think the protests would be viewed the same way the media? My bet is a protest against a President-elect Clinton would have been deemed as sexist and subversive, not one of frustration and fearful of a President-elect Hillary who had called this group irredeemable.

By painting the protestors as victims in lieu of a group of two year-olds acting out, a narrative is being created that seeks to rationalize ridiculous behavior instead of correcting it. This, of course, is a disservice that feeds into the fruitful fantasies of the protestors. And the winner of such a narrative will be Left-leaning special interest groups seeking a fundraising bonanza.

The special interest groups of the Left don’t want to quell the protestors, they want to fundraise on fear. Just look at the Human Rights Campaign, a LGBT Left organization. On Nov. 9th, they sent out a fundraising email in which one would think a Trump presidency meant the sky was falling. 

“I know many of you are having trouble putting your feelings into words — we are all heartbroken, stunned, angry — and for many, even scared,” HRC President Chad Griffin wrote about Trump’s win. “But to every LGBTQ person across this nation feeling disheartened and questioning if you have a place in our country, know this: YOU DO.”

Griffin was telling LGBT folks that a Trump campaign may not view them as human and legitimizing the fear they have. This is deplorable. As founder of LGBTrump. I promise you that LGBT people have nothing to fear, but to LGBT Left groups that understand fear equals fundraising, civic decency be damned. The same tactic will be utilized by leftist Hispanic groups and women’s groups.

Left-leaning special interests need the protestors to act out because it serves a profitable narrative. It is up to the Silent Majority — the same majority that handed Trump the White House — to step up, fill in the gap, and teach the protestors an important civics lesson.

Trump is our president and the losers need to get over it. I can understand why the protestors are upset because they relied on a media that refused to report what was actually happening and reported what they wanted to see. They also relied on a political narrative that had deemed Trump’s issues dead on arrival in American politics.   

For years the Left had dehumanized dissent. If you wanted border security, you were xenophobic. If you wanted fair trade deals, you were protectionist. If you wanted an America First foreign policy, you were isolationist. If you want to protect the unborn, you were sexist.

The Left thought they had defeated and buried these issues. No candidate, especially, Trump, should be able to win a general election on them. Just look at the GOP of 2012. After Mitt Romney’s bitter defeat — which resulted in zero protests — the GOP wrote an autopsy report that begged the party to move away from said issues. Trump, of course, ripped up that report.

Trump did win and, just like the two year old being told there would be no lolly-pops, the protesters responded. One just had to turn on the television and they could see the hatred emanating from these individuals.

After a 17 month campaign in which Trump was demonized and his supporters marginalized we are seeing exactly where hate is born and bred in American politics. Spoiler alert — it is not Trump Tower.

Joseph R. Murray II, is administrator for LGBTrump, former campaign official for Pat Buchanan, and author of “Odd Man Out”. He can be reached at


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