In light of the voter registration scandal surrounding ACORN, the community-organizer group with which Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaBiden celebrates start of Hanukkah The massive messaging miscues of all the president's men (and women) 'Car guy' Biden puts his spin on the presidency MORE has past and current associations, the Obama history on voter registration should be an eyebrow-raiser, to be sure.

Having headed up a 1992 voter registration effort that included ACORN (which now is being scrutinized for registering people multiple times, inventing people and registering dead people, children and even Mickey Mouse), it should come as no surprise that Obama has learned how to work the system to his own advantage. His campaign has paid an ACORN affiliate more than $800,000 for a get-out-the-vote effort.

In 1996, longtime Illinois state Sen. Alice Palmer decided to run for Congress, and hand-picked Obama to run for her seat. She lost the primary and decided she wanted to retain her state Senate seat, but Obama would not step aside. He was also unwilling to run against Palmer, so he challenged enough petition signatures of hers and all of his other opponents to kick them off the ballot — in some cases, merely for voters' names being hand-printed instead of in cursive handwriting.

Apparently, Obama the hypocrite only cares about encouraging people to take part in democracy when it benefits him personally. He was determined to disenfranchise Democrat voters in Michigan and Florida in the primary in order to get Hillary Clinton out of the way, just as he did in Chicago to score a state Senate seat. Barack Obama gets people out of the way rather than defeating them with ideas, honesty, integrity, experience or a record of achievement on behalf of someone other than himself.

Barack Obama's muteness with regard to ACORN's illegal actions, designed to add votes to his column on Election Day, tells us who he really is — a ruthless politician who will go to any lengths necessary to destroy his political opponents, whether they are Democrats or Republicans. His record of old Chicago-style politics benefiting his personal ambition is long, yet he has accrued an almost nonexistent record of legislative achievement on behalf of the citizens he represents. (The real ones — not the ones invented by ACORN.)

If the name ACORN were replaced with Halliburton, and the name Obama replaced with literally anybody's with an R after it, how would the media be covering this?