The McCain convention has ended and the theme was all white, far right. Now comes the charge of Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonAppeals court pauses 6-day extension for counting Wisconsin absentee ballots Trump, Pentagon collide over anti-diversity training push Sunday Shows: Trump's court pick dominates MORE and the Democratic women who will fight for economic opportunity for all and against the civil war over abortion promised by the Republican VP, who runs in the tradition of Spiro Agnew, with a nominee using the tactics of Karl Rove, in a party with the policies of George Bush, with a vision of Republicanism that dates back to Richard Milhous Nixon.

The Republican Party that once fought to save the nation under Lincoln is enraptured by a right-wing extremist sympathetic to a group that believes Alaska should secede from the union, thrilling those who would reverse Roe v. Wade and oppose abortion even after rape and incest, who embodies the pork barrel corruption of the worst of Washington, and ridicules Catholic parishes, Protestant ministries and Jewish temples that help jobless workers because they are what she calls derisively "community organizers.”

McCain runs a Rove-like convention of personal destruction attacks, lying about Barack Obama's position on issues such as taxes, demeaning and ridiculing those who truly favor change, cheering the hilarious performance of a Massachusetts magnate who once called McCain a liar and fired more workers in his takeover business than any candidate in history and then calls Obama an elitist, capped by a snarling Rudy Giuliani, who gave an ugly speech that only Chris Matthews could call "brilliant" and "fun.”

Get ready for the charge that is about to come from Hillary Clinton, who will soon have one of her finest hours, and leading Democratic women who will fight and fight again for the America that Sarah Palin and John McCain, in their traditions of George Bush and Spiro Agnew, will never know and must never lead.

The charge of the Democratic women is about to begin and it will be a sight to behold. They will attack the royalist economics of McCain and Palin, who campaign against equal pay for equal work, who oppose legislation to help single moms, and who would literally start a national civil war because of their extremism and intolerance over abortion.

The charge of the Democratic women will fight for the big truth to answer the big lies, will fight for an economy that is growing, fair and just and gives women the equal opportunity that everyone in America deserves, which John McCain and Sarah Palin oppose with every breath of their ultra-conservative, out-of-touch ideology.

The charge of the Democratic women will highlight the best of what women bring to politics and government, the ability to bring people together and lift people up regardless of race, gender and nationality and a clear voice that will champion the idea that Sarah Palin does not represent a glass ceiling to be broken, but an iron chain of reactionary policies around the necks of average Americans of all races and both genders.

The coming Hillary barnstorm for Barack and the coming charge of the Democratic women will join the debate for real. They will say, as Barack says, as we say: enough! It is time to turn the page and build the future, and the charge of the Democratic women will bring the power for real change in a battle for the future of America that is long overdue and must not be won by two phony "mavericks" fighting for the policies of George Bush, with the politics of Spiro Agnew.