If it was not already clear, there is now no mistaking the fact that Bill and Hillary Clinton have become America’s most notorious political outlaw couple. Despite what may have happened in the past to divide them, whether it was Bill’s infidelity or Hillary’s cold-blooded power grabs, they are now as thick as thieves as they go about their illicit attempt to undermine Obama’s run for the White House.

It is hard to believe that a Democratic ex-president would hesitate to give the most glowing endorsement possible of the party’s presumptive nominee, but that is just what Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonMajor health reform requires Democratic congressional dominance No presidential candidate can unite the country Lindsey Graham's Faustian bargain MORE did last weekend in an ABC News television interview. Not only did Clinton hedge on whether Obama was qualified to be president, he openly lamented his wife’s primary loss. This comes as no surprise to Republicans, who witnessed firsthand the carnage they left behind; from the highly questionable suicide of Vince Foster to the unexplained plane crash of late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, they have left a trail literally littered with bodies.

The Clintons have proven that they will stop at nothing to gain more power. Neither party loyalty, nor the nomination rules and procedures, nor voter sentiment will stand in their way. They are willing to take what they want, consequences be damned. Obama has hoped in the past to appease them, but that will no longer work. The closer we get to the election, the more desperate the Clintons will become. If Obama does not come out with the guns blazing leading up to the convention, he’ll end up being just another one of their hapless victims.

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