I’ve noticed an interesting pattern of behavior being displayed by the presumptive Democratic nominee for president of late. When the going gets tough, the race card gets going — from the Obama campaign itself.

Have you noticed his typical refrain of late? It goes something like this (and I’m quoting directly from a speech Sen. Obama gave in Florida in June):

The choice is clear. Most of all we can choose between hope and fear. It is going to be very difficult for Republicans to run on their stewardship of the economy or their outstanding foreign policy. We know what kind of campaign they’re going to run. They’re going to try to make you afraid. They’re going to try to make you afraid of me. “He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black?”

First of all, I can’t recall the last time Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) or his presidential campaign said anything about Sen. Obama (D-Ill.) and his name, other than the fact that Sen. McCain didn’t think it was appropriate to mention the senator’s full name — Barack Hussein Obama. I’m proud of my full name and I wonder why the senator doesn’t like using his. We’ll set that aside for others to debate.

The line that gets me, though, is Obama saying: “ ‘And did I mention he’s black?’ ” For all of the perceived slights and insults thus far in the race for president, the only person who’s running who brings up race is Barack Obama himself. Name a particular incident where Sen. McCain has done something remotely similar.

Rather than de-emphasize race and race-baiting tactics, consider what Sen. Obama had to say in Missouri just last week:

Nobody thinks that Bush and McCain have a real answer to the challenges we face. So what they're going to try to do is make you scared of me … You know, “He's not patriotic enough, he's got a funny name,” you know, “He doesn't look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills."

Republicans will try to scare voters? Check. According to Obama, Republicans will say he has a funny name? Check. The latest addition? “ ‘He [Obama] doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.’ ” Are you kidding me? The only person who keeps pointing out the color of his skin rather than the content of his character is … Sen. Barack Obama himself. If I hear him correctly, it almost sounds like Obama thinks he should be on the dollar bill given his vast experience and persona, but I’ll set that aside as well.

I tire of the race-baiting tactics Sen. Obama is employing of late. Stick to the issues and what Sen. McCain is actually saying about you rather than imagining insults that will come your way due to the color of your skin. Give it a rest, please.