He may be almost 72, but John McCainJohn Sidney McCainThese Senate seats are up for election in 2022 Redistricting reform key to achieving the bipartisanship Americans claim to want Kelly takes under-the-radar approach in Arizona Senate race MORE is still amazingly agile. He’s performed more flip-flops than any other presidential candidate in history.

This week alone, McCain has already flipped on three issues. As recently as July 7, he pledged he would never, ever raise any taxes. But now he says he’s open to raising Social Security taxes. Four years ago, he opposed a ballot initiative to end affirmative action in his home state of Arizona. But this year, he supports the measure. As recently as a year ago, he was dead set against offshore drilling. But now, it’s the centerpiece of his campaign.

Three big flip-flops in one week! And, remember, that’s on top of earlier flip-flops. He used to be against the Bush tax cuts; now he’s for ’em. Used to disparage religious conservatives; now he loves ’em. Used to be against waterboarding; now he’s all for it.

Some may criticize McCain for his inconsistency, but they don’t understand. McCain is just trying to make it easier for voters. If they disagree with him on any issue, they need not despair. Within a couple of days, McCain will change his mind.

And they called John Kerry the Great Flip-Flopper? John McCain flip-flops so much he makes John Kerry look like the Rock of Gibraltar.

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