Sometimes, I think the media just makes it up. Invents a controversy where none exists. Latest example: all this hand-wringing over Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaClyburn predicts Supreme Court contender J. Michelle Childs would get GOP votes Progressives see Breyer retirement as cold comfort The names to know as Biden mulls Breyer's replacement MORE’s trip overseas.

He’s been warmly welcomed by American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, and met with leaders of Iraq, Afghanistan and Jordan on his way to Israel and the Palestinian territories. Later this week, he’s expected to be greeted like a rock star in Europe.

Oh no, say the media gas bags. If Obama’s so popular over there, he’ll be less popular over here. Americans don’t want a president who’s so well liked by the Germans or the French. He’ll be like Tony Blair, they worry, who was beloved in the United States, but despised in the UK.

What utter nonsense. Tony Blair was only rejected in Britain because he went in the tank for George Bush and the war in Iraq. And after the last eight years, when George Bush couldn’t go anywhere without sparking massive, anti-American protests, most Americans would welcome the day when our president was once again respected and admired around the world.

So, it’s a proud day for all Americans when Barack Obama is greeted by admiring crowds in Europe and the Middle East.

After all, which would we prefer? A president they cheer? Or a president they throw eggs at? Richard Nixon or John F. Kennedy?

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