After a short suspension from his duties of pastoral work, the Rev. Michael Pfledger is returning to Saint Sabina Church in Chicago. Pfledger is infamously known for mocking Sen. Clinton in a sermon, suggesting that she was crying over the fact that a “black man was stealing her show.”

How is it possible for cognizant individuals to feel comfortable following the teachings of such a so-called reverend? His sermons epitomize racism, are inexcusably judgmental, and are mentally masochistic in nature. Both he and his sermons have absolutely no place in or near the pulpit. During his sermons, he appears to be on or past the brink of insanity as he degrades his own heritage. Not only should he not return to his position, but he should also be required to give a public apology for his actions. His offensive misconducts, as with the misconducts of Jeremiah Wright, are completely misguided, unjustifiable, ignorant, and demeaning to the inflicted and the congregation.

Church is supposed to be about love, spirituality and reverence for God, not about divisiveness, secularity and slander. Sure, we all have our opinions about what’s going on politically, but our religious leaders are not supposed to persuade us in the directions that we choose. If that were the case, we wouldn’t have a choice in whether or not we accept Christianity, which would render church a place to go in order to be indoctrinated. Our religious values are supposed to be strong enough to help us make the most valid judgments in all measures of life — socially and politically. Instead of our pastors instilling their opinions on us, they should work at instilling God’s word in us, which will, in turn, give us the right moral navigation system.

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