Hats off to Hillary last night; she achieved nothing but a Pyrrhic victory — winning the state of West Virginia, but still losing the nomination war. Sure, she won handily by a 2-to-1 margin, but her bid for the nomination is still so wounded that a win is only possible if she gets 75 percent of the remaining delegates — even her ominous win last night produced less percentage-wise. In fact, Obama gained more superdelegates this week than she did last night. Superdelegates see the writing on the wall. Why can’t Hillary? Will this woman stop at nothing?

Frankly, I am sick and tired of her ill attempts to win over the nomination by disregarding every “principle” she has ever pretended to possess — free-trade pandering to win votes (she didn’t really mean what she wrote in her book, maybe?); consistency (driver’s licenses for illegals?); the value of the popular vote (I guess Bush won fair and square in 2000).

Does she hold nothing sacred? Is there no honor left for the system? Her holding the process hostage is of no benefit, providing no reverence to the party or the dwindling respect she had among Democrats.

The political community tried to let her exit gracefully with the little eloquence and style she had left weeks ago. But her selfish stubbornness (the Clinton camp calls it “political courage”) has removed any possibility of exiting this race with any positive adjectives. Respected/appreciated/liked or not, she needs to leave. Maybe take a vacation to Bosnia. Maybe she should just return to her husband and work to restore the integrity to the White House that he destroyed. No matter what her plans, I have just one request: please, Hillary, just go away!

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