Is Hillary headed for the hills, or a Denver jihad? It appears the party would like her to have her dignity, and decide how and when to quit, but a convention challenge will test whatever patience the party has left for the Clintons. Yesterday it was Sen. George McGovern, a close friend Hillary worked for decades ago, who switched sides to back Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaCould the coming 'red wave' election become a 'red tsunami'? Bottom line Barack Obama wishes a happy 58th birthday to 'best friend' Michelle MORE and call for her to leave the race. Who will it be today?

The way that Clinton transitions from this campaign will determine her future, whatever those plans may be. Will she merely take perfunctory steps to back Obama, or will she work her "heart out" for the Democratic nominee, as she has promised?

All eyes are on May 20, a day she could win Kentucky, after winning West Virginia, and then concede. But Lawrence O'Donnell reported on MSNBC last night that a top Clinton official tells him the date is closer to June 15, when all delegates, including Michigan and Florida, will have been counted.

There is still talk from her orbit about going to the convention, which would surely ruin her within the party. Democrats are watching how much Clinton will help Obama — there are genuinely helpful things she can do, and I listed them in my column this week. If Clinton truly wants to bring her voters to the table this fall, she can do these things, and voters will listen. If she doesn't genuinely help Obama, the party will remember.