Behind the scenes there is private movement among some key superdelegates who support Clinton but recognize the inevitable. Public comments are starting to seep out, making the suggestion that if Hillary is behind in elected delegates and popular vote they reserve the right to switch to Obama.

This trend is more pronounced privately than publicly. I do not expect major switches before Pennsylvania, at least, but I do expect a growing line of public comments dropping more hints, as we have seen in recent days.

Stay tuned. Don't believe everything you hear on cable television. The more Clinton threatens to take a divisive fight to the convention, the more superdelegates pull away privately. Obama's $40 million money take for March was hugely important and well understood by the supers.

Obama now leads in elected delegates, popular vote, number of states won and fundraising by a large margin, and the superdelegate move to Obama has been almost 100 percent and huge over the last several weeks. Stay tuned — this is much closer to over than the pundits suggest.