Hillary is finally finding that we are not as dumb as she thinks we are. This woman, who said she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, and recanted as soon as she ran for president. And who said she didn't know a thing, not a thing, about her brothers' representation of drug kingpins and con men to get pardons from her husband, which they succeeded in doing, and expects us to believe it. She has now been caught in an Al Gore "I invented the Internet" moment, claiming that she hustled into the Balkans, under sniper fire, to make peace at great risk to her life.

It was so risky that Bill Clinton sent his wife and daughter there.

But the little girl presenting flowers to her at the foot of the ramp apparently was also a study in bravery as she recited her poem while the band played.

We all continue to be amazed at how stupid she thinks we are.