Just when you thought there was no way Democrats could lose this election ... here we go again ...

Ralph Nader decides to run, as an independent candidate, for the third time.

Let me tell you, I used to be a big Ralph Nader fan. No wonder. In his heyday, he was a mighty, effective champion of consumers in this country. But today, he’s nothing but a colossal, misguided, egomaniacal nutcase.

Nader says he’s running because people are disenchanted with both major parties and their candidates. Hello ... What planet is he living on? Doesn’t he know Democrats are turning out in record numbers in this year’s primaries? And does he really think he’s more exciting than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?

Ralph Nader’s living in the past. The problem is, he could, once again, destroy our future. Remember: There’s no doubt Ralph Nader cost Al Gore the election in 2000. The election was so lopsided in 2004 he didn’t have any impact. But if it’s close again this year, Nader could be the difference between moving forward or four more years of Bush-Cheney policies.

Unfortunately, Ralph Nader cares more about what’s good for Ralph Nader than what’s good for America. And it’s the same for anybody who’s stupid enough to vote for him.