The media did it again, talking up a potential upset in Wisconsin for Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonDNC warns campaigns about cybersecurity after attempted scam Biden looks to shore up lead in S.C. Stone judge under pressure over calls for new trial MORE, who lost by 15 points.

The Clinton campaign has taxed the patience of the Barack Obama campaign, which chose last night for the first time to cut in to her speech after realizing that once again — after Maine, Louisiana, Washington state, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Wisconsin and the other states I am forgetting — she wasn’t going to acknowledge defeat.

To her donors Clinton will continue today spinning yarns about the possibilities, opportunities and debates ahead. She will continue with the canard about Florida and Michigan to raise desperately needed cash but we must assert again in this space since no one will do it elsewhere that THERE ARE NO DELEGATES IN MICHIGAN AND FLORIDA TO SEAT. None, zip, zero, zilch. For choosing to violate the rules Florida and Michigan get to be heard one of two ways: a do-over with new caucuses, or the Democratic National Committee decides to allot delegates to the two candidates in a formula of its choosing, which would more than likely reflect the will of the pledged delegate and popular votes thus far.

Clinton surrogates point to the big state contests ahead and to the debate tomorrow. Changing the subject of 10 straight losses is their only choice, but everyone — donors, superdelegates, the media and even voters — knows that winning requires winning, and debates won’t get you the nomination.

Since anything is possible in the 2008 presidential race there is a possibility for Clinton to turn things around and win. Wisconsin would have been a good start but they bungled it. Members of the Clinton empire, who were all set to return to the White House for eight years, are having trouble adjusting to the real numbers and her near-impossible odds. But at this late stage denial won’t help her recover.

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