Earlier, before the primary season, the Democratic Party reached an agreement with its potential candidates that they would not campaign in Florida or Michigan and the delegates from those states would be meaningless. All the candidates agreed, which in effect made Florida’s and Michigan's primaries moot because none of the delegates could be used by the candidates vying for the delegates' nomination. The Clinton campaign was the main advocate of the plan because at the time they felt they were invincible and would have no strong competition from any candidate vying for the nomination.

Let's fast-forward to Super Tuesday, when Mrs. Clinton needed to wipe Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaHarris: 'Of course I will' take COVID-19 vaccine Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter encourage people to take COVID-19 vaccine George Clooney says Amal beat him and Obama in a free throw contest MORE out of the picture, but what happened was shocking and humiliating to this once unstoppable and formidable candidate. Her campaign had to face the realization that despite winning the big states of California and New York she was still in a horse race that was neck and neck with the upstart from Illinois, Obama. The result: She's in danger of losing the nomination after the fact that she went against her word and campaigned in Florida and Michigan, which gave her a Pyrrhic victory.

Now the Clinton campaign is lobbying the party to reverse itself and now have Florida and Michigan primaries to be allowed for her delegate count, though they had already been disqualified by the Democratic National Committee. This is outrageous! What is even more astounding is that now the super-delegates are coming into play; they control 40 percent of the votes necessary for nominating the Democratic nominee. This is how it works: The super-delegates comprise former presidents, ex-governors and -senators, former Democratic Party high-ranking officials and the elite of the Democratic Party. The Obama campaign is now realizing that the Clintons, through the super-delegates and now trying to add Florida and Michigan to the delegate tally, are willing to commit thievery or even worse to take the nomination away from him before or during the convention.

Well, the Obama camp is not sitting idly by and allowing the Clintons to do what they do best: continue their trail of corruption and total disregard for rules and guidelines through the employ of unscrupulous tactics. The word on the street is that the Obama campaign and New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg have already met and devised an incredible plan. Mayor Mike Bloomberg will commit nearly $1 billion to Obama's campaign (of course, Bloomberg has his own agenda) if the Clintons succeed in their latest Machiavellian strategy. Sen. Obama would bolt from the Democratic Party and run as an independent with kingmaker Bloomberg as his running mate.

This is their exit strategy just in case the Clintons continue their shrewdness. The Obama campaign realizes that he is too new at this game and doesn't have the political weight of the Clintons to bring in the true heavy-hitters of the party's hierarchy. So according to sources it was Mayor Bloomberg himself who suggested this cunning strategy. It's mind-boggling that the Clintons are willing to jeopardize and destroy the entire Democratic Party and in the process lose the White House and seats in Congress in their own selfish thirst for power and glory. The word is Barack Obama is not going to sit around and allow this to happen. It would be over his dead body.

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