It’s almost funny how easily the Clintons play the race card. Apparently, a little saxophone-playing, face-time and pandering to the right “black leaders” goes a long way. They have repeatedly bought off the so-called “Black Vote” with what appears to be little more than smoke and mirrors. Up until now they have enjoyed a relatively unchallenged tenure as the “First Black President” and first lady. But now, with the first challenge to their reign coming from a black southpaw, the Clintons are pulling no punches.

This isn’t the first time the gloves have come off and the Clintons have shown their hands in the midst of battle. Remember the “Sister Souljah Moment”? In fact, they have shown a propensity for pandering well to whichever groups serve their purpose by playing a game of stereotypes. Remember Hillary’s claim that a “vast right-wing conspiracy” was responsible for leading her husband down the wrong path with White House intern, Monica Lewinsky? 

Well, with Obama’s win in South Carolina, the Clintons’ spell seems to be wearing off. Exit polls showed Obama picking up roughly 80 percent of the “Black Vote” that the Clintons have overwhelmingly enjoyed up until now. It seems that by insinuating that a black American could not win against a strong Republican candidate, and suggesting that Obama’s run is a “fairy tale,” the Clintons have awakened a sleeping giant and their worst nightmare is coming true. Thus far, it seems that the Clinton campaign has been sleeping on the “Black Vote.” However, with this resounding loss in South Carolina still looming large in her rearview mirror, Hillary might conveniently term this a vast black conspiracy. Is this a case of the chickens returning home to roost?