Armstrong, you are grossly misrepresenting and falsely stating what Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonHypocrisy in Kavanaugh case enough to set off alarms in DC Getting politics out of the pit Kavanaugh and the 'boys will be boys' sentiment is a poor excuse for bad behavior MORE actually said on the “fairy tale” issue.

Clinton did not say that Obama was having a fairy tale campaign. Someone of your visibility and years of experience should be held to the standard of reviewing the clear public record on a matter so controversial with racially charged implications.

What Clinton actually said, and I do not agree with him but believe he should be treated fairly, was that Obama claiming a major difference with Hillary about Iraq was the fairy tale.

Again, I do not agree with Bill Clinton about this, but he never suggested, and should never be quoted as having suggested, that the Obama campaign was a fairy tale.

With all due respect I believe you owe Clinton, Obama and readers a correction and apology.

We have the right to our different opinions, but those of us who are highly visible, who reach a larger audience, and have years of experience in this business should hold ourselves to a far higher standard than so egregiously misrepresenting the comments of a former president about a leading presidential candidate, especially on so sensitive a matter.