With Obama and Clinton locked in a tough two-way battle, John Edwards, a leading apostle of change and vocal opponent of the status quo, is oddly opposing the very forces he favors by splitting the anti-Clinton vote. With only 12 percent in most national polls and even worse numbers in Florida, he manifestly cannot win. He should bow to reality and pull out, hopefully endorsing Obama in the process.

It would be a master stroke if Obama actually agreed to form a ticket with Edwards. Their compatibility was in evidence in the last debate and Edwards would do the world a great favor by joining forces with Obama. Has anyone run for vice president on two successive tickets with different presidential candidates? Yes! John C. Calhoun ran with John Quincy Adams and then with Andrew Jackson. And he won both times. And George Clinton ran with Jefferson and then with Madison and also won both times.

Edwards needs to stop splitting the anti-Hillary, pro-change vote.