Will four weeks provide enough time for Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonClinton offers congratulations over Elliot Page announcement Biden brushes off criticism of budget nominee Mellman: Mired in Partisanship MORE to "retool" after losses in Iowa and New Hampshire? Will Clinton alumni like James Carville and Paul Begala save her campaign? Will she be strapped for cash, as is rumored? Will Obama soon poll as well as her in her now-adopted home state of New York? In New Jersey? In California?

Will a McCain victory in New Hampshire focus the country's attention on the strength and importance of independent and swing voters, about how they move the margins for candidates who attract them with their bipartisan, inclusive messages? Will this further hinder Clinton?

What exactly does "I'm in it to win it" mean? What did it mean last January and what does it mean now? Will Hillary preserve her perch in American politics by leaving the race shortly? Will she redeem herself with a comeback? Will she reverse all she gained by losing — the years of quiet hard work in the Senate, working with Republicans and separating from the scandal-plagued years of her husband's administration?

No matter what the results in New Hampshire, Iowa kicked up more dust than we knew last week, and it won't settle for a while.


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