If Hillary Clinton’s Beatles song is “Yesterday,” Mitt Romney's song is “The Nowhere Man,” and John McCainJohn Sidney McCainMomentum growing among Republicans for Supreme Court vote before Election Day McConnell urges GOP senators to 'keep your powder dry' on Supreme Court vacancy McSally says current Senate should vote on Trump nominee MORE's is “Happiness is a Warm Gun”!

For New Hampshire Republicans I repeat my pre-Iowa prediction that McCain wins the primary and add that Mitt Romney will withdraw from the campaign after New Hampshire but before Super Tuesday.

Mitt is awful. Mitt is one of the worst candidates in memory, the true change candidate, who changes his positions like leaves change with the seasons, a man with vast money and no convictions. And it shows.

Mitt is also the champion of investing in companies and firing or laying off workers, which he has done much of in the private sector, an issue that remains to be reported, and will be reported if he remains in the campaign.

Mitt will have the option of continuing through Michigan and Super Tuesday but sometime before Super Tuesday Mitt will make the sound business decision and pull the plug on a loser of a campaign. Mitt Romney is a defective product with failed corporate advertising and a tanking stock; and cold businessman that he is, he will cut his own funding and lay off his own campaign before Super Tuesday.

Mitt is the Nowhere Man, sitting in his nowhere land, capable of inspiring nobody, standing for nothing except what he thinks will help him at the moment.

I will add another prediction you will read first on this site: Either Fred Thompson or Rudy Giuliani will make a surprise comeback and become one of the three finalists on Super Tuesday, along with Huckabee and McCain.

There is room on the GOP track for this third candidate, and if it is not Mitt, it will be Rudy or Fred. The insider classes are making a big mistake writing both of them off. I predict that one of them will look much smarter than they do today, when South Carolina and Super Tuesday come around.

Which brings me to McCain. I have a conflict. As a Democrat, I would hope the Republicans nominate Romney, a loser running far behind Democrats in head-to-head polls. As an American I would clearly prefer the Republicans nominate John McCain, who is the best man on the GOP side, but by far their strongest general-election candidate.

Here is McCain's problem: His very extreme hawkish stand, especially his public comments about remaining in Iraq for 100 years, not only demonstrate a flawed analysis, but are far outside the opinions of political independents and ultimately hurt McCain in New Hampshire and nationally.

Therefore, while McCain will win significant independent votes in New Hampshire, his total vote will be held down compared to what it could have been if Barack Obama was not taking independent votes and if McCain was not so aggressive supporting his 100-year position in Iraq.

McCain's more hawkish views will come back to haunt him with political independents and young people, in what I have been calling The Year of the Political Independent and now The Year of the Young Voter as well

So the betting here remains that McCain wins New Hampshire, but not by as much as McCain could have won, and because of his 100-year-war Iraq policy. There will remain storm clouds on the McCain horizon more than the current debate suggests because the voters who will decide the general election do not want their great-great-great grandchildren serving in Iraq under the McCain plan.