The Iowa caucuses are upon us, and here are my predictions.

Among Republicans and independents, Mike Huckabee will trump the other Republican candidates in Iowa. Mitt Romney, no hunter to write home about, is doing a better job of shooting himself in the foot consistently. Truth is the elusive prey for Romney, the big game hunter. Ron Paul is hard on Huckabee's heels. It's hard to tell exactly how he's doing, but this I know for sure: Paul will fare far better than the polls have shown, especially if fundraising dollars are any indication.

Barack Obama will do well in Iowa among Democrats if his people show up to the caucus. His strong crossover appeal with liberal-minded Republicans looking to jump ship, and with independents looking for some place to settle, will bode well for him. Like her husband in 1992, Hillary Clinton will lose in Iowa, and the press will vilify her for it.

Barack Obama 33

John Edwards 22

Hillary Clinton 20

Mike Huckabee 25

John McCain 20

Mitt Romney 18