Clinton — 31

Edwards — 30

Obama — 30

Headlines you won't see:

"All that money on ads for so few people and no verdict?"

"Oprah should stick to TV"

"Isn't the Media Happy — On to Super Tuesday — Expense Accounts, Column Inches, Air Time — It's SOOO Exciting For Us to Keep This Gravy Train Going"


Romney — 34

Huckabee — 31

McCain — 21

Thompson — 12

Giuliani — 10

Headlines you won't likely see:

"McCain Benefits from a Second Surge: The Republican Democrats Most Don't Want to Run Against"

"Huckabee Fizzles — He Doesn't Read Newspapers — Not Worth His Time Away from Talking to an All-Christian Nation (Sorry, Non-Christians, You're Out)"

"Romney Pulls it Out but Losing Steam Fast"

"Giuliani Sinking from Weight of Being Mean — Smiling Can't Hide It"

"Declining to Comment on Making Millions from Crooks in Crisis Management Business is Not Good Crisis Management For Giuliani"

Democrats/New Hampshire

Clinton — 36

Obama — 32

Edwards — 28

Headlines you won't likely see:

"Still Horse Race with Three Strong Front-Runners — But Pakistan Crisis Reminds Democrats: It's Time to Pick a President"

"Obama hurt by McCain 'Surge' — But Why is He Depending on Non-Democrats to Win Democratic Nomination: Does that Tell You Something?"

"Obama and Edwards Give Great Speeches and Have Great Sound Bites — But Familiar Question Remains for Both: 'Where's the Beef?' "

Republicans/New Hampshire

McCain — 36

Romney — 30

Thompson — 15

Huckabee — 10

Giuliani — 6

Headlines you won't likely see:

"Goodbye, Mitt — The Three-Dollar Bill is Just as Real as Your Positions on Issues"

"McCain: Comeback Kid and the Authentic Man" * **

(* Note to Sen. McCain: You are still wrong on most issues and should lose in November. Don't worry, Senator — I won't hurt you by praising you too much!)

(** Note to readers and historians: Joe Lieberman endorsement of McCain will be seen as the critical turning point for McCain's comeback.)


Intriguing question:

Could there be a McCain-Lieberman ticket facing a Clinton-Hagel ticket?

I'm ready to place that bet. Anyone want to give me some odds?

It's Time for the Bipartisan Presidency (the book I wanted to write but my publisher said no one would buy it because it was too unbelievable! We'll see). See my Washington Post Outlook piece and Pundits Blog in January 2007 — and remember you read it here first.

Stay tuned — and happy new year to all.