Today and yesterday, two key final days before the first primary contest of the '08 presidential election, were awful for Mitt Romney. He was once the front-runner in Iowa and New Hampshire — states he hoped would provide him victories and a bounce to the nomination — but now Romney is fighting for survival with Hawkeye voters polling for Mike Huckabee and Granite State voters choosing John McCainJohn Sidney McCainPelosi receives John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award Romney: Trump 'has distanced himself from some of the best qualities of the human character' MSNBC host: Barr 'the most dangerous person' who works for Trump MORE in even numbers.

This morning Robert Novak predicted McCain would be the last man standing since all the other candidates are faltering and referred to Romney as plastic." Yesterday Huckabee dressed up in orange hunting gear, complete with goofy hat, to contrast himself in the Iowa snow as a real hunter who had indeed hunted varmint, hunted everything, his whole life. Huckabee embarrassed himself by straining a macho posture — "See, that's what happens when you get in my way," he said, displaying three dead birds. It was painful but the deed was done, the media reminded everyone who read about it that Romney pretended to be a lifelong hunter and had to take it back, that he thought the National Rifle Association had endorsed him when in fact it had not. "Mitt Romney won't own up to his own words, but he wants to challenge everyone else's," Huckabee said, holding his dead. You get the picture.

New Hampshire publications won't lay off Romney, with editorial boards of two papers there not only NOT endorsing him but picking on him in recent weeks. The conservative Manchester Union Leader wrote that the more Romney talks "the less believable he becomes." Ouch.

Romney, now having to fend off a pesky McCain resurgence in New Hampshire, continued attacking the formerly written-off McCain this week for failing "Reagan 101" by not supporting Bush's tax cuts. McCain, in a response that conveniently reminded everyone of his Navy fighter pilot experience, said: "I know something about tailspins, and it's pretty clear to me Mitt Romney is in one."

Huckabee and McCain are practically laughing at Romney. The problem is, between the illegals working at his house and the incorrect memory about his father and Martin Luther King Jr., many other people have started laughing at Romney too.

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