Momentum will play a huge role in the Republican primary process. Unless, of course, it doesn’t.

Rudy GiulianiRudy GiulianiSchiff goes after Barr: He lacks Giuliani's 'good looks and general likability' Avenatti indicted for allegedly defrauding Stormy Daniels Another VPOTUS tries for POTUS: What does history tell us? MORE is hoping for confusion to reign in the early primaries. He figures he can pounce on the big states, after the first primaries split. This strategy looks smart. Unless it isn’t.

Mitt Romney is hoping for a slingshot effect, after he wins Iowa and New Hampshire. Unless he doesn’t.

Fred Thompson has run the non-campaign campaign. He ambles in and makes a few important policy pronouncements and then generally bores people after that. This campaign looks dead. Except it isn’t.

Speaking of dead, John McCain’s campaign was finished. He was carrying the twin anvils of immigration and Iraq on his shoulders. It was too heavy a burden. Except it wasn’t.

And Mike Huckabee, the new media darling, is now the favorite to win Iowa and South Carolina. He came from nowhere, and now he is in first. Unless, of course, he isn’t.

And don’t forget about Ron Paul, no matter how much you want to forget about him. He has the most money of any of the Republican candidates. And nobody thinks he will win anything. Unless he does.

Most people think this campaign will be over at the end of Super Tuesday. I wonder why they think that.

When I eyeball the delegate count, based on geography, religion and other factors, I come up with the following:

Huckabee 651
Thompson 256
Romney 263
Giuliani 793
McCain 378

I don’t have any idea how to account for Paul, so I didn’t give him any delegates. Who knows how many he will get?

Why should any of these candidates think about dropping out? They all have a realistic shot of winning.

And compared to the Democrats (with the possible exception of Ron Paul), none of them have any money. So not having money shouldn’t be a disqualifying factor (just ask John McCain).

At the end of the day, it is all a numbers game.

Unless, of course, it isn’t.