I just love Mitt Romney.

As Ronald Reagan said so brilliantly, “There he goes again ...”  Mitt Romney cannot stick to one idea, one position, one thought for more than a week. Whether it is abortion, gay rights, immigration, gun control, whatever, this guy is a whirling weather vane. 

The latest? His invective against Hillary Clinton’s quite interesting and innovative healthcare plan. He called it “bad medicine” and said it is similar to “European bureaucracies.”

Oh, yes, and by the way, VERY similar to what he put in place in Massachusetts and BRAGS about. Once again, Romney is getting called out on his lack of consistency and flip-flopping by nearly everybody. Tucker Carlson whacked him pretty well last night, after we had discussed Hillary’s plan.

I am constantly left to wonder about Mitt Romney — does this guy believe in anything, other than his own election as president?