Have you read about the Fredheads Sam Youngman reported on in The Hill today? They are wondering why their candidate, Fred Thompson, hasn't just jumped in if he is so set on running for president. You may have also noticed that Sam just reported Tuesday — yes, the day before yesterday — that Thompson's biggest champion in the House of Representatives, Rep. Zach Wamp (R-Tenn.), told The Hill Thompson was close to making an announcement. "My view is that he'll enter the race at some point just in the coming days," said Wamp.

Where is Wamp getting his information? Thompson is not set to announce this week; according to the campaign, he'll make it official in September. Remember the Fourth of July idea? That's gone. And Fredheads are getting antsy. "Fred Thompson enjoys an unprecedented groundswell of grassroots support,” reads the Fredhead page devoted to coaxing Thompson out from the shadows. "Fredheads believe in his potential. Fredheads know he can very well be the next president of the United States. This support should be nurtured, not pushed aside and asked to stand-by forever." And for the final prod, “The time has come. Enough with the ambiguities. Enough with those around you being more decisive than you are." Those Fredheads sound pretty decisive.

But enough about Fred's ability to make decisions. There's more news today on Fred's memory. It now appears he did lobby on behalf of a pro-choice group, earning $5,000 for 20 hours, and the billing records to prove it have made their way to The New York Times. This is not something he recalls, however. Now that he has until September before becoming a candidate there should be plenty of time for Fred to clear his head and remember everything else before his rivals dig it up.



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