OK, it may not be the biggest story of the day. But it’s the biggest story to me.

And it may not decide the 2008 election. But it should.

I’m talking about Mitt Romney’s unbelievable cruelty to his dog, as reported by the Boston Globe.

Back in 1983, going off on a family vacation, Mitt loaded his wife and kids in the car, then put the family dog — an Irish setter named Seamus — in a dog carrier on top of the car, and drove from Boston to Ontario, a 12-hour drive, with the dog on top of the car, whipped by the wind and noise, scared to death and crapping all over the place.

What the hell was he thinking? And what were his kids thinking?

I don’t know what this tells you about Mitt Romney, but I know what it tells me.

It tells me, first of all, he has incredibly bad judgment.

It tells me also he’s a cold, cruel, callous human being.

It tells me, most of all, he hates dogs.

And, as far as I’m concerned, anybody who hates dogs isn’t fit to be president of the United States.