More of today's random thoughts (which really means I didn't have anything I wanted to write about):

I wonder if those sickeningly sweet Romney family blogs can be read safely by diabetics. Or, for that matter, anyone with a gag reflex.

Or can the insider accounts of Rudy Giuliani balance things out?

Do any of the presidential candidates have tattoos? If so, what do they say? Do any of the Romney kids? If they did, they'd probably say "Mom."

With so many companies trying to save money vis-a-vis layoffs, I can't help but wonder why they need a chairman, a CEO, COO, CFO. I mean, what do those guys all do, anyway?

And I've been meaning to mention this: Forget whether Fox News is "Fair and Balanced" — the Democrats and their liberal supporters who want to boycott that network's debates are way out in, uh, left field. I don't know how to say this, folks, but speech in this country is supposed to be free.

Although after this column, people may want to reconsider that.