How do you spell Bloomberg? N-A-D-E-R!

Yes, no doubt about it. If Michael BloombergMichael BloombergFormer Bloomberg staffer seeks class-action lawsuit over layoffs Bloomberg spent over 0M on presidential campaign The Hill's Campaign Report: Officials in spotlight over coronavirus response MORE jumps into the presidential race, he will be the Ralph Nader of 2008 — stealing the White House from the Democratic nominee.

That’s why nobody should take this Bloomberg possibility lightly. Sure, he says he “intends” to complete his term as mayor. But, according to the New York Times, he and his staff spent the last two years researching how to run as an independent. And besides, if he’s not at least thinking about running, why he’d go through all the fuss of changing his party registration?

Of course Bloomberg’s paving the way for running for president as an independent. And what makes him more dangerous than Nader, or Ross Perot, is that Bloomberg has unlimited personal wealth to blow on a presidential run. He’s already said he’d be willing to spend at least $500 million of his own money, if he decides to run. That’ll put him on the ballot in all 50 states. 

Imagine! Ross Perot, who was also on the ballot in all 50 states, got 19 percent of the vote — and he was certifiably insane.

For Democrats, Michael Bloomberg is bad news. Indeed, having him on the ballot is the only way Democrats can lose in 2008.

Which makes me wonder: We know how much Michael Bloomberg is willing to spend. But — How much is Karl Rove paying Michael Bloomberg to run?