Va-va-va-voom! Fred Thompson’s wife is a hottie.

Do a Google image search for the name “Jeri Thompson” and check out the photo of her in the blue dress standing in front of a purple backdrop with her husband. If that woman doesn’t strike a note with red-blooded American men, I don’t know who would. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. At least, it didn’t used to be.

The GOP is in deep, deep trouble. From political correctness to greed to power lust, politicians and pundits alike have been trapped by a nonsensical swirl of blather that confuses sensational distractions for meaningful issues. The latest — and most salacious — example is a comment made by Joe Scarborough as he wondered aloud about Mrs. Thompson’s aerobic exercise habits.

In a nutshell, Scarborough engages Tracy Burgess, a very attractive, physically fit news anchor, in a conversation about the new fitness fad, pole dancing. Craig Crawford, a guest on the show, gets drawn into the conversation and admits to seeing an episode of “Oprah” where pole dancing as exercise was demonstrated and we learn that Teri Hatcher, according to Crawford, does it to stay fit. All this tedious conversation leads to the following exchange, which has conservatives caught up in the latest nonsensical swirl of blather:

Scarborough: "Housewives across America taking to the pole. .. for health and fitness. Hey, have you seen Fred Thompson's wife?"

Crawford: "Oh yeah ..."

Scarborough: "You think she works the pole?"

Crawford: [Laughing] "That’s what Hollywood careers will do for you, I guess."

Scarborough: "What do you mean?"

Crawford: "You get wives like that."

Well, I imagine there’s more to Jeri Thompson marrying her husband than his acting ability. A lot more.

But let’s face it, the fact that she’s 25 years younger than her husband and smoking hot is going make its way into public conversation. Why get defensive about it? I have every confidence Jeri Thompson, whom I’ve never met, can handle the ogling. I have every confidence Fred Thompson didn’t marry a dummy. And I have every confidence the missus is ready for the challenges of being first lady of the United States and would consider it a great honor. And when she’s first lady, we’ll all try to stop wondering out loud as to what she does to stay in such great shape, and I’ll stop calling her a hottie — out of respect for the office.

Until then, conservatives need to chill out. Scarborough doesn’t owe the Thompsons an apology, as Michelle Malkin is demanding on her website. Republicans should all be grateful that one of ours, Joe Scarborough, does what red-blooded American men do from time to time: daydream about beautiful women. I’ll take that any day over CQ’s Craig Crawford, who admits to watching “Oprah” in the afternoon.