Flip-flops. John KerryJohn KerryOvernight Energy & Environment — High court will hear case on water rule Kerry warns about efforts to blunt climate change: 'We're in trouble' Biden's second-ranking climate diplomat stepping down MORE must be mad as hell. This crowd of Republicans is making his much publicized comment, “I voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it” look like a simple statement of fact.

What I wonder is, has the flood of flip-flops from the Republicans made it safe to change positions at will? Does anybody in the Republican Party care about the about-faces that these candidates are engaging in on a daily basis? These aren’t evolving positions, these aren’t candidates getting wiser or processing new information — these are all about integrity and core beliefs versus putting your finger up to the political winds and going whichever way the wind is blowing that day.

Romney is the ultimate weathervane in a hurricane. More pro-gay rights than Ted Kennedy, now gay bashing. Pro-gun control, pro-Brady bill, pro-assault weapons ban, now a “hunter” (twice) and a lifetime member of the NRA (since last August). Pro-choice, now pro-life. For immigration reform, now against it.

Whether it is McCain flipping on ethanol for the Iowa vote or Giuliani on guns or all of them, except McCain, running from immigration reform, pinning down this crowd on a consistent position on an issue is like nailing Jello to a wall.

However, the real political question is, will it make any difference in the Republican primaries? They are all flip-flopping so much that maybe they have made it safe to be a flip-flopper! After all, the social conservatives may not care that their candidates are all over the map; they may just give them a pass. To heck with integrity!