Will someone tell me what in the heck the top three Republican presidential candidates are up to? They look like the Three Stooges.

Mitt Romney's issue positions have melted away faster that a popsicle on a hot summer sidewalk. He has done 180s on a woman's right to choose, gay rights, gun control and now his signature legislation in Massachusetts, healthcare. His latest issue-melt was to say he had really very little to do with the legislation. Please. This isn't just about flip-flopping — it's about whether he actually believes in anything at all. By the time this campaign is over, will he have any integrity left?

And McCain. Iraq is the biggest albatross around his neck anyone can imagine. His trip to the Baghdad market was a horrendous decision. And what he and his colleagues said there was much worse. "Five rugs for five bucks," Lindsey GrahamLindsey Olin GrahamKyrsten Sinema's courage, Washington hypocrisy and the politics of rage Hillicon Valley: Amazon's Alabama union fight — take two McConnell will run for another term as leader despite Trump's attacks MORE and our congressman from Indiana proclaiming that the market was just like the summer markets back in his home state — have they lost it? McCain can make the argument for Bush's escalation, but to try and use that photo-op as an example of how well things are going in Iraq is ludicrous. I long for the days of Michael Dukakis in the tank. McCain is not the "Straight Talk Express" candidate of 2000 but rather part of the gang that can't shoot straight.

Which brings us to Rudy. Oh, boy, once he gets off 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, he doesn't have much to say. Here's candidate Rudy, who believes that confederate flag-flying is up to the states, but that the states and the feds should pay for women's abortions. Let's face it, Rudy does not want to talk about healthcare, education, gun control, prayer in schools,
abortion, law enforcement, and most other issues you can imagine. Just give me more 9/11.

I have to believe Fred Thompson looks awfully good to Republicans right now.