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Ron Paul takes second place in New Hampshire straw poll

As The Hill and other media have reported, in the New Hampshire presidential
straw poll Mitt Romney came in first and Ron Paul came in second. What
does this suggest?

First, the clear front-runner for the Republican nomination is Romney. By comparison,
Sarah Palin for president in 2012 is largely a fiction of cable television
with too much time to fill and not enough real news to fill it. The big news
on the Republican side is the great advantage now held by Romney.

Second and equally interesting, the strong showing by Ron Paul emphasizes a
point I have been making for many months, that Paul could make a powerful
showing if he runs for the Republican nomination.

Paul, whose visibility and stature will rise as he assumes a subcommittee chairmanship with
jurisdiction over the Federal Reserve Board, has a large contingent of very
loyal supporters and significant fundraising capability, and his strengths
would play well in a Republican primary or caucus system.

I will soon write a column about another underrated Republican possibility
(hint: He is now an ambassador). For now, don’t underestimate Mitt Romney’s
strength as the current front-runner, or Ron Paul’s potential strength
if he enters the presidential campaign. 


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