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Ron Paul blows the debate, Bachmann wins big, Pawlenty disappears

Ron Paul surprised me with a performance that was dull, distant and
weak. He failed to dramatically articulate a clear position. He looked
uncomfortable and unprepared. Paul did not have any plan. He answered
questions, when asked, without any strategy or any larger coherent

Michele Bachmann did not surprise me with a performance that was
skillfully planned, orchestrated and executed. Her ploy of announcing
she was running during the debate was masterful. Her comments
were tight, on message and effective.

Michele Bachmann was the one clear winner of the debate. She seized the
upper hand for the post postion on the right from Dr. Paul and made
Sarah Palin look trite and irrelevant.

Mitt Romney performed adequately and trod water well. No change in his post position: very vulnerable front-runner.

The clear loser in the debate was Tim Pawlenty, who looked pathetically weak and not close to ready for primetime. After the debate, major donors and prominent Republican leaders and operatives will not take Pawlenty seriously. He is obviously running for vice president and obviously lacks the guts to take on any potential nominee who might choose him as vice president. Vice presidential campaigns do not end well. Bye-bye, Pawlenty.

A big night for Michele Bachmann, a bad night for Paul and Pawlenty, a decent night for Mitt Romney, and the sounds you hear today are phones ringing for those who want a nominee who was not on the stage in the debate.

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